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INstant + compounding Benefits

Stimulates collagen production

Plumps fine lines + reduces cell turnover time
Helps close + minimize enlarged pores
Relief from tension headaches when rolled over temples
Tightens + firms the skin by boosting elastin
Tones facial muscles for improved elasticity
Increases oxygen levels to the blood stream
Promotes lymphatic drainage + improves blood circulation
Clears toxins from the skin + reduces inflammation
Increase Chi, a life force energy to improve flow between meridian points
Reduces the appearance of puffiness + wrinkles around the eyes
Minimizes spots around chin + jawline caused by a build- up of toxins
Brightens complexion + brings about your most youthful glow
Aides in releasing blocked sinus congestion + pain


1. Start with cleansed skin and apply your favorite whole plant serum. Massage above the collarbone to open up the pathways for lymph to flow. Use hands in light pressing motion, or roller in gentle back-and-forth motion.

2. Move the roller from inner to the outer edge of the face, but clear the lymph from the outer edge of the face first. Subsequently follow each roll down the neck. Do not drag or pull the skin, gently roll as this is best for lymphatic drainage. 

3. Sweep under cheekbones with the larger side from either side of the nose to the ears.

4. Move across the forehead from center toward the ears, 

5. Move from center of chin to corner of jaw, and down the neck. Use small side of roller to work out knots found in corner of jaw (brought about by clenching)

6. Use smaller side to work in-between the eyes, around the orbital bone, relieving tension and stress patterns held in the face. 

7. Concentrate on areas you see fine lines, hyper pigmentation, an accumulation of adipose tissue, or areas where you hold tension. Works awesome on temples to relieve headache pain. 

You should notice an instant flushing, a revitalized complexion, reduced appearance of fine lines, as well as toned/ "lifted" cheekbones.

Can be used on other areas of the body, however we sell it is a facial tool for Esthetics purposes/ applying serums. 



You have an ocean underneath your skin: your lymph system. Which is also controlling your ability to eliminate toxins. This system as no central pump so unless you move the fluid yourself, it becomes stagnant and holds toxins in the tissue. 

Jade rolling effects the skin in a multitude of ways, because of both the healing properties of the stone itself and the action of rolling. Let's start with the stone itself. 

When you feel the JADE stone, you will notice it's immediate coolness. This coolness not only benefits skin by reducing inflammation, it also constricts capillaries under the eyes to reduce dark circles. (Pop ROLLER in fridge for ultimate results.) JADE is known to affect the flow of "life energy" in the body, known as the "Qi" (pronounced chi) in Traditional Chinese Medicine; in a similar way to acupuncture, it brings into harmony the yin and yang energies in the body. 

Aiken to a facial workout, elevating Qi in the face feels like a load of tension was relieved at the deepest levels (especially when rolling with the spa, there is a notable 'lightness'' in relief afterwards) . The result is a brighter, more "alive" complexion, brought about by relieving old stress patterns held in the face. The face learns what it repeatedly does. I see rolling as counter-acting accumulating negative emotion and blockages in the facial tissue as it eliminates lymph stagnation to reveal your "true skin", your best complexion.

Note: To us, that doesn't mean *perfect skin*, it means feeling comfortable with your "11's" because you realize they no longer hold the tension of past anger. It means loving your crows feet because you were #blessed with high cheekbones that now pop because you've reduced your cheek inflammation. 

I also attached a blog post below showing how rolling is reduces sagging associated with the accumulation of adipose fat tissue. It also references a really interesting article from Osaka University! (below)

Essentially, Your facial muscles have been activated and your immune system has awoken to do it's job by sending toxins to the kidneys. The client's skin will pink up, showing their complexion is detoxing from the inside out. Simultaneously, the meridian system and energy points along these pathways restores alignment. (I am not an energy medicine expert so I do not go in depth as far as how it effects the energy body). 

The science behind sagging:


Visible benefits


Instantly you will see a refreshed look, feel a relief of facial tension, you will have your lymph moving again, replenishing the cells. You will have worked out knots of tension which were blocking the energetic flow and nutrients. If rolling over a serum, you will have maximized it's benefit to your skin. Your face will feel "toned" and "relaxed", similarly to how the body feels after going for a run. You will look slightly flushed, more alive.
Compounding boosted elastin and stimulated collagen production, cell turnover time is reduced, smoothing appearance of fine lines, lymphatic drainage to promote exponential wholistic benefits. 
We suggest jade rolling morning and night for 3 minutes, following the lymph pathways to promote drainage of toxins, with a gentle put firm pressure to promote circulation and stimulate collagen production.





Jade Beauty Roller

The hottest on-the-go natural wellness tool for estheticians, beauty bloggers, + spa lifestyle enthusiasts!  Our rollers are constructed with close attention to detail, quality unsurpassed by any roller on the market. There are no added dyes in our rollers, unlike most of those on the market. This roller provides all the above benefits in an compact form. Jade means "beautiful stone", and will help your serums sink in a little deeper when rolling over them. How? Because we are effectively "trapping" the ingredients there. Jade rolling is a facial workout + energy re-alignment to promote wholistic health benefits.

 Meant for gentle rolling. Your new favorite addition to your daily skin care routine. 
 Jade Beauty Roller | Your on-the-go beauty tool and solution for healthy aging.

Jade Beauty Roller | Your on-the-go beauty tool and solution for healthy aging.

Jade Roller SPA

 Our favorite model to contour cheekbones and bring out an instant youthful glow! The SPA features: heavier stone, more focused pressure feels like a deep tissue massage. A stimulating, tension-relieving essential in any skin care routine.  Due to the rounded angle and heavier stone of the rolling piece of jade, you can apply more targeted pressure.  Our heavy-duty, structured frame sets us apart, to give you more leverage to work with.
You truly don't realize how much tension you hold in your face until you roll with the SPA (videoed above).
 Jade Roller SPA | promote collagen production and lymphatic drainage with this contouring beauty tool 

Jade Roller SPA | promote collagen production and lymphatic drainage with this contouring beauty tool 


Jade Roller PRO

The flatter shape of the stone works like a rolling-pin which allows for more distributed pressure.  The ideal roller for effectively ironing out fine lines and wrinkles. We love to use this model in facials because it will roll with a relaxing compression to smoothly to infuse a serum. This one glides and rolls over a serum whereas the SPA model may slide due to it's more targeted pressure. 
Pro Tip: Expand your service offerings! Estheticians can use two PROs in double roller jade facials, where movements are mirrored on both sides of the face to offer an unique healing experience to the client. 
 Jade Roller Beauty | PRO the ideal serum infusing-beauty roller to smooth fine lines and promote wholistic wellness 

Jade Roller Beauty | PRO the ideal serum infusing-beauty roller to smooth fine lines and promote wholistic wellness 


Never stop learning.

We encourage research on the lymph and meridian systems as it relates to detoxing and energetic pathways which can better align our bodies for healing when harmony is restored. 
Never pull down on the skin while jade rolling! Gravity does this enough for us already!
As per ancient tradition, start rolling on the RIGHT side of the face to promote prosperity for the client.
Thank you for being a part of our wholistic health movement towards natural beauty solutions for all! We see skin care as an intentional and conscious self-care practice, and we hope that this addition to your routine will provide lasting health and beauty benefits for you!