Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes. We will work with you, consider your ideal shipping provider, and send you a shipping quote based on weight. Our goal is to get your new favorite beauty tool from our hands to yours as quickly as possible. Please email us concerning shipping for large international orders at

How do I clean the Jade Stones?

Jade is cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and dried with an absorbent, soft cloth. (Which we include in your order, because we think you're special :) Make sure the Jade is completely dry before putting it away. Do not expose the jade to harsh chemicals. Avoid corrosion. Natural disinfectants are encouraged in spa usage.  

Can I heaT up/ cooL downMY ROLLER? 

Yes. If you cool down the stone by placing your roller in the fridge for a few minutes, rolling over the under-eye circles in the morning will help prevent darkness and puffiness because it encourages blood flood flow.

Heat it up under warm water, dry with a cloth, and roll over top of any facial serum to infuse that serum more deeply into the dermis. 


Is this a product I should sell in my spa?

Absolutely. One of the best things about selling this product is when people can see it, touch it, and we can empower the guest to use the roller on themselves to actually experience the immediate results from even a thirty-second rolling session. Results are compounding and collagen production is stimulated in the skin, toxins are drained away, and cheekbones are effectively contoured.

 After clients experience it just one time, they will be eager to take one of their own home- and they will cherish it!

Contact Leila for counseling on pricing this new addition to your service menu and product list to better understand how you will see a return on investment.  clients love it!

Why Should I buy your Jade rollers?

For your own benefit. I started a wellness business to bring people a product I believe in. I want you to also. I am confident you will see a benefit if you try it, and encourage you to use it daily as an addition to your skincare routine after applying a hydrating serum to clean skin. Rolling after a serum will repair what could not otherwise be fixed. Effects are compounding and phenomenal- so start your journey to glowing, youthful looking skin! 

To our business clients- your organic spa can be a first mover on a big time trend in wellness. As more people become aware of the healing properties of jade and the benefit of this amazing skincare tool, your clients will see their healthiest complexion! 

Can you help us with a wholesale order?

Absolutely. We have orders from spas in Sweden and individuals in Texas. We ship worldwide and handle special requests at:

Fluent Spanish and Russian translation available if you email.