Tiger's Eye by JRB

Tiger's Eye by JRB


Meet Tiger’s Eye. The Energy Grounding, Hormonal Acne Fighter.

ORIGIN: South Africa


 SKINCARE: Helps with hormonal breakouts generally located on the chin + jaw area, as it supports the endocrine system and rebalancing. An energy powerhouse.

ENERGY/CHAKRA: Tiger’s Eye grounds the energy of the Solar Ray into the Earth, stimulating the (kinesthetic feeling + movement) first ROOT Chakra, second (Life Energy) SACRAL Chakra, and the third (Immunity focused, digestive) SOLAR PLEXUS Chakras.

Red, Orange + Yellow auric color energies. Acts as a contrast + necessary compliment to the Amethyst, Jade or Rose Quartz rollers, as it moves the concentration of energy in the auric body to bring our intuitive state “back to reality” to utilize gained wisdom from the third eye in our tangible Earth life, translating it to a “gut feeling” awareness. This stone helps goals to be realized, puts you back in the driver’s seat of your own unique self power, leads to independent thought + leadership action.

WELL CARE: Said to balance hormones + biochemistry, emotionally resolve sexually traumatic experiences, may stimulate fertility when placed just below the naval on the sacred chakra. Would be a beneficial roller for body treatments, or fertility-specific care rituals. Revitalizes the physical body to help fight infections or allergic reaction. Enhances practicality between opposing extremes in decision making. Boosts enthusiasm + energy levels, especially when feeling lethargic or mentally cloudy. Promotes feelings of pleasure + graceful action to “go with the flow” in good spirit.

Double roller facials: Use Tiger’s Eye placed on either side of the head to energetically rebalance the brain’s hemispheres, and as this stone holds energy of the sun, it may relieve seasonal affective disorder or symptoms of depression. 

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The action of rolling leads to increased circulation and rids your skin of toxins via lymphatic drainage. Stimulating lymphatic drainage also inhibits the leakage of fatty acids, thus minimizing the accumulation of adipose fat (which leads to inflammation, and extended inflammation leads to sagging).

Increased blood flow means your skin will radiate with Qi (life energy), rolling will act detoxifying to the interstitial fluid (the bathwater surrounding cells- where they excrete their toxins into) and lead to more brightness, clarity, and a glowing complexion. Facial muscles will improve in their tone as you roll, effectively carving out the cheekbones and jawline when working deeper into the muscular tissue on the cheeks.

Wrinkles will appear smoothed as we are releasing the tension patters and stress that is held in the face.

Clients should know: You have an ocean of interstitial fluid, which detoxifies itself vis rivers or lymph pathways. How much movement you cause here controls your ability to eliminate toxins. The immune (lymphatic) system has no central pump, so unless you move the fluid yourself, (via deep breathing, some forms of exercise, or jade rolling) it becomes stagnant and holds toxins in the tissue.

I also attached a blog post below showing how rolling reduces sagging associated with the accumulation of adipose fat tissue, as it theoretically strengthens the walls of the lymph vessels.. it also references a really interesting article from Osaka University! 

Essentially, your facial muscles have been activated by rolling to give you a toned and uplifted look, and your immune system has awoken to do it’s job by sending toxins to the kidneys. The client’s skin will pink up, showing their complexion is detoxing from the inside out. Simultaneously, the meridian system and energy points along these pathways restores alignment. (I am not an energy medicine expert so I do not go in depth as far as how it effects the energy body).

Pro Tips: Two rollers can be used in tandem during a facial. To provide a unique sensation, you may cool down the roller by placing the roller in the fridge to reduce dark circles. Placing the gemstones in warm water can help penetrate product more deeply into the skin by “trapping” the ingredients there as we stimulate the area, it improves the effectivity of any skincare product!

Start with pumping above the collar bone to encourage the filtering through lymph pathways prior to rolling. Encourage clients to drink lots of water after a gemstone rolling session.

Caution: Clients undergoing cancer treatment or who have blood pressure concerns should consult their naturopathic or medical doctor before rolling.