Yellow Aventurine by JRB

Yellow Aventurine by JRB


Meet Yellow Aventurine. The Lymph Energizing + EMF Cleansing Master.



SKINCARE: Anti-inflammatory, soothes active breakouts + can help restore crepe-y skin, allergic reactions on the skin. Aids lymph flow, to neutralize allergic skin reactions, strengthens the fight to aid infected tissues, helps body better be able to utilize the nutrients in your skincare products through the balancing of the solar plexus chakra.

ENERGY/CHAKRA: SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra – controls energy distribution, the immune + digestive system powerhouse. The relationship chakra. Work on self-confidence, overcoming fear by grounding, ability to process information through your truest thoughts + emotions. Helps influence willpower, self-control, ability to speak up for yourself.

SACRAL Chakra - Draws abundance + prosperity. Restored sense of self-worth, ego health, energy distribution. Balances male + female energies. Helps to relieve grief. Acts as the bridge between the upper intuitive crown chakra activated by Amethyst + the grounding Root chakra of Tiger’s eye.

WELL CARE: Energetically supports the lymphatic system, addresses pancreas, liver + nervous system. Ease anxiety + can subdue headache tension. Dismiss oversensitive tendencies. Boosts self-reflection, decisiveness, reassuring, balancing, focuses intention to bring about the truest self, centers emotions in compassion, stone to navigate relationships. Supports sinus health + recovery from migraine symptoms. Overcome fear of disappointing others, live for your pleasure in confident self power.

Reduces environmental (EMF*) + electromagnetic pollution. Enhances energy flow + boosts toxin removal, eases anxiety as it restores balance between yin + yang.

*EMF stands for electromagnetic field and EMF poisoning refers to a detrimental prolonged electrical sensitivity. These are energies broadcasting from cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers, wifi routers, microwaves, newer TV's, cellphone towers, – all which emit an electromagnetic smog which must be blocked + mitigated to reach our most optimal well state by cleansing the EMF around us.

Symptoms include irritated skin (burning feeling may be present) restlessness, sleep disorders, headaches, cloudy mind, irritability, anxiety, exhaustion, weakened immunity, memory loss, depression, nausea, worsening vision, skin rash, ringing in the ears, and trouble concentrating. (See your doctor if you see these symptoms especially if there is heart pain accompanying them.)

Other ways to address this wholistically are to turn off your wifi router at night, sleep with your phone on airplane mode or outside of your bedroom. Gemstones with iron or copper deposits are also especially protective.

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The action of rolling leads to increased circulation and rids your skin of toxins via lymphatic drainage. Stimulating lymphatic drainage also inhibits the leakage of fatty acids, thus minimizing the accumulation of adipose fat (which leads to inflammation, and extended inflammation leads to sagging).

Increased blood flow means your skin will radiate with Qi (life energy), rolling will act detoxifying to the interstitial fluid (the bathwater surrounding cells- where they excrete their toxins into) and lead to more brightness, clarity, and a glowing complexion. Facial muscles will improve in their tone as you roll, effectively carving out the cheekbones and jawline when working deeper into the muscular tissue on the cheeks.

Wrinkles will appear smoothed as we are releasing the tension patters and stress that is held in the face.

Clients should know: You have an ocean of interstitial fluid, which detoxifies itself vis rivers or lymph pathways. How much movement you cause here controls your ability to eliminate toxins. The immune (lymphatic) system has no central pump, so unless you move the fluid yourself, (via deep breathing, some forms of exercise, or jade rolling) it becomes stagnant and holds toxins in the tissue.

I also attached a blog post below showing how rolling reduces sagging associated with the accumulation of adipose fat tissue, as it theoretically strengthens the walls of the lymph vessels.. it also references a really interesting article from Osaka University! 

Essentially, your facial muscles have been activated by rolling to give you a toned and uplifted look, and your immune system has awoken to do it’s job by sending toxins to the kidneys. The client’s skin will pink up, showing their complexion is detoxing from the inside out. Simultaneously, the meridian system and energy points along these pathways restores alignment. (I am not an energy medicine expert so I do not go in depth as far as how it effects the energy body).

Pro Tips: Two rollers can be used in tandem during a facial. To provide a unique sensation, you may cool down the roller by placing the roller in the fridge to reduce dark circles. Placing the gemstones in warm water can help penetrate product more deeply into the skin by “trapping” the ingredients there as we stimulate the area, it improves the effectivity of any skincare product!

Start with pumping above the collar bone to encourage the filtering through lymph pathways prior to rolling. Encourage clients to drink lots of water after a gemstone rolling session.

Caution: Clients undergoing cancer treatment or who have blood pressure concerns should consult their naturopathic or medical doctor before rolling.