The JADE Collection by JRB

The JADE Collection by JRB


Introducing The JADE Collection by JRB.

Experience ancient China’s ultimate beauty tool in every format and shade available. Curated for those who love jade rolling + want the perfect roller for each occasion within reach, whether your goal is to contour + relieve tension with our SPA, or roll over serums to boost their effectiveness with our PRO.

On the go? Bring the JADE Beauty Roller on your excursions + be the most glamorous one rolling at the coffee shop. The coolness is a treat for the senses as it calms inflammation while reducing puffiness. All the benefits of calming jade stone, none of the stress in deciding which one you want- get them all!

Includes: 1 JADE BEAUTY ROLLER, 2 SPAS (Olive + Mint shade), 1 PRO ( $180 value)

For a limited time: be one of the first to order the collection + get a handwritten thank you note from our founder, Leila.

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